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You are a guest at your friend’s wedding at a well known venue. You look over at the DJ booth where the DJ is looking around, nervously pacing back in forth. A large banner with the name ROCK PARTY DJs covers the DJ booth. The DJ starts off the evening saying “Um, and at this time, if you could please give me your full attention for a moment. The bridal party is about to be introduced so, if you could please just listen to me so we can get started.”

The DJ’s voice suddenly changes as if he is a talk show host. The music starts and it is blasting at a decibel loud enough to blow everyone’s eardrums. He begins by introducing the wedding party in a phony way and says “Hi everyone, my name is Ray from Rock Party DJs, your number one DJ company and I would like to introduce the bridal party at this time. Let’s hear a round of applause for the wedding party! Here comes the first bride’s maid and groomsman Sue Caroli and Jonathan uhhh….Webber.” He mispronounces both of their names. After the first couple of the wedding party is introduced, there is an awkward silence and the music stops. Everyone turns their heads to look at the DJ behind the booth, waiting for him to do something, anything to fix this! The next couple is introduced. The DJ gives the wrong names when the couple walks out. They are good sports, but most of the people at the wedding know that is not their names. At last, the bride and groom are introduced and the DJ says “at this time, let’s give a round of applause to our bride and groom…let’s hear it for them!” The song being played throughout the introductions is not recognizable and doesn’t fit for wedding introductions or a bride and groom’s grand entrance. Sound like a party you want to attend? I’m betting it’s not!

What did this DJ do wrong and how can we create wedding introductions that don’t suck? There are MANY ways!

First, the Master of Ceremonies failed to connect with the guests at the beginning of the celebration. He sounded awkward, and lacked confidence on the microphone. He didn’t believe what he was saying, so no one else did either! A great Master of Ceremonies will immediately engage your family and friends from the very start of the celebration and set the tone for the reception. He or she will get people excited and ready to greet the bride and groom as they enter the room to have the time of their life!

Secondly, he addressed the wedding party as the bridal party and spoke in a fake talk show voice. He simply was not sincere. Choosing the right entertainment is very important. Your confident MC should have a natural voice and smoothly guide friends and family and the entire wedding party through the introductions.

Third, the music was far too loud. A skilled MC shows up early at a venue prior to the celebration and performs a sound check to ensure the perfect volume level for the music.

Forth, the DJ self-promoted his DJ company at the beginning of his introductions along with the banner covering his booth. A talented MC does not need to attract attention to his company. Is is after all, all about the bride and groom, right?

Next, he doesn’t verify the correct pronunciations of the wedding party in advance OR line them up in the correct order! Your MC should verify all of the members of the wedding party prior to the wedding and then double check again when lining up the wedding party. These missed opportunities could have easily been corrected had the DJ cared enough!

The DJ was not able to use his equipment properly. The music stopped abruptly and everyone noticed! Your skilled MC is educated and trained to use the equipment he or she is operating.

Ray from Rock Party DJs played an unrecognizable song and didn’t even announce the new married couple by their married names!!! He clearly didn’t even know who the couple were!

Choose a Master of Ceremonies who share creative ideas with you and cares about the success of your wedding celebration.

Here are a few ideas that will make your celebration unique and fun:

Choose a different song for each member of the wedding party that suites their personality! If your best friend from college is a peanut butter junkie, maybe the appropriate song would be Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” where the lyrics say ” Smoother than a fresh dry skippy.”

Work together with your MC to create personalized introductions for each member of the wedding party. Sharing little tidbits about each couple can be really fun and your friends and family will learn something about them. Your MC can say something as simple as “best friend from college” or “claims to have been the first person to invent the selfie.” The possibilities are endless!

You can have each member of the wedding party walk in separately or together.

You may decide to choose one song for you and the wedding party. It’s up to you! One thing is for sure, speak with your MC about all of your ideas and trust their expertise. Contact me at Collins Entertainment today to begin the planning of your wedding celebration. I can’t wait to hear about all of your ideas and help bring them to life on your wedding day!

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