Live Musicians vs. DJs

No wedding is complete without music that draws guests to the dance floor. But, as you start planning your Connecticut wedding, you might be wondering whether to book a DJ or live musicians. While both can bring the party vibe, DJs tend to be more flexible and versatile — plus, they’re a cost-effective choice for CT weddings.

Trying to make your decision? Here are three reasons to book a DJ for your wedding in Connecticut!

Wedding DJs are consistent.

While live music at a restaurant on date night is a nice surprise, you may not want covers at your wedding. If you have certain must-play songs, hiring live musicians leaves it up to their interpretation. And on such a monumental occasion, the last thing you want is for a disappointing rendition to spoil your grand entrance or first dance.

On the other hand, a wedding DJ will play your favorite songs just the way you know and love them. That way, the tune you heard when you first met will bring back those exact feelings as if you were reliving the moment. If you don’t mind spicing things up a bit, your DJ can also remix songs to keep things interesting — the choice is yours!

Wedding DJs require less downtime.

All of your vendors will need to take breaks throughout the wedding. That includes your DJ or live musicians, regardless of which way you choose. The difference, however, is that a band or musician cannot continue playing music while they’re on a break. More often than not, the venue can stream a standard playlist to fill the gaps, but such a shift tends to change the energy in the room.

DJs are experts in music flow, so they can queue up the right order of songs so they can step away without guests even noticing their absence. The dance floor remains full and the party lives on until they’ve returned to their station to pick up where they left off!

Wedding DJs are cost-effective.

Budget is one of the biggest concerns for engaged couples in Connecticut, and booking a DJ is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice. With a DJ, you are only paying for one person’s time and talent rather than a whole group of people. Don’t forget to factor in meal costs from your caterer as well!

Plus, with live musicians, you aren’t just paying for their time – in many cases, you also have to set up a stage to accommodate their instruments and AV equipment. DJs, however, tend to pack light and need minimal space to perform.

Ready to book your CT wedding DJ? We’ve got you covered! Give us a shout and let’s get to planning.