You have just started your search for the perfect entertainment for your wedding. You don’t know where to begin. You are unsure about what questions to ask, so you immediately ask “How much?” It’s overwhelming and hard to know exactly which entertainment will give you the greatest value for your investment.

Here are 8 things you should ask a DJ / Master of Ceremonies you are considering:

1.) How will you personalize my wedding reception?

A professional and experienced Master of Ceremonies will give you creative suggestions as to how to make your wedding reception unique. Your MC will tell your story as a couple by incorporating the soundtrack of your life. These are your personal favorite songs and artists. Your wedding music doesn’t have to be the same old songs you hear played at every wedding reception, but instead those song selections that when you hear them being played, make you smile, reminisce and bring you back to a special moment in your life. Your skilled MC will know how to incorporate your passions and hobbies in a clever way into your reception. He will address you by your name instead of just “bride and groom” and include all of your guests instead of having friends and family sitting at their tables.

2.) Do you have uncut footage of yourself performing at an event?

You are searching various DJ companies and all of the videos you find on their websites (if there are any at all) show clips of people dancing but neglect to show your Master of Ceremonies on the microphone introducing the wedding party, how they speak and introduce transitions such as special dances, cake cutting and toasts. You don’t want to take a chance and wait until your wedding day to find out whether or not your DJ is comfortable on the microphone. Do you worry that your DJ will talk too much, try to be funny, embarrass you and your family by saying something inappropriate or sound like a game show host? Are you willing to take those risks for the one day you cannot do over?

3.) Do you have video testimonials of couples you have worked with?

Don’t get me wrong, written testimonials on and are great, but there is nothing better than seeing a couple reacting to their wedding entertainment during their wedding to say how GREAT their day is going. Your MC should have testimonials that point out specific examples of how they helped make a couples’ special day AMAZING!

4.) Will you be the Master of Ceremonies at our wedding?

The person you have invested your time in discussing the planning and details of your special day, whom you got to know needs to be the person that will be there for you on your wedding day. You want piece of mind that the expert who guided you through the planning of your special day is the same person who is present the day of your wedding. Make sure that key person is listed on the agreement.

5.) Do you provide a written agreement?

Your professional MC will have an agreement that will guarantee services for your wedding celebration. If there is no written guarantee of services provided, there is no promise that your DJ will show up for your celebration!

6.) Do you carry liability insurance?

Your MC needs to provide proof of liability insurance. Venues will demand it in order for your entertainment to perform. This insurance protects you in the event that a guest is injured as a result of your equipment or if your MC causes damage to the venue. This way, the venue is not looking for you to cover these expenses.

7.) What happens if your equipment stops working during our wedding?

Your MC has to have backup equipment that he brings to the celebration to ensure that all the aspects of your entertainment are covered. If your MC’s equipment fails, you want to be sure that a second set is right there to immediately replace it and that the party continues!

8.) Does your MC truly seem interested in you and making your celebration amazing?

Your MC will ask many questions about you and show a genuine interest. He will be devoted to making your celebration one of the best days of your lives! He will be available when you need it and get back to you timely. Your DJ needs to CARE!

Jim Collins
– Written by Jim Collins
Owner of Collins Entertainment

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