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Gathering wedding inspiration is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day. You likely already have an inkling of what you want your wedding to look like, based on events you’ve attended or time spent looking through inspiration boards and photos online. Ideas for everything from the food and wedding cake to the outfits, color schemes, and decorations have undoubtedly begun to sprout in your mind.

Of course, this is all tied together by the ambiance of the occasion. While this relies on a combination of many factors, having the right music played at the right time can do a lot to help establish the perfect mood. A romantic score during the vows or ring exchange can tug on your guests’ heartstrings and sweep them up in the moment. At the same time, your guests will likely never forget your wedding if they have a fantastic time dancing the night away!

If you are creating a spending plan for your celebration, you might be wondering: What is a reasonable amount to allocate for entertainment? 

Well, the average rate of a wedding DJ in Connecticut ranges from $1,500 to $2,000.

While engaged couples in CT should certainly be conscientious about their expenses, choosing a DJ based solely on their pricing can end up being a decision you regret!

You probably know the saying, “you get what you pay for,” and this is especially true when booking your Connecticut wedding DJ! Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of hiring someone who charges $1,000 or less, thinking that they’ve found a good deal — only to find out that the person they booked is inexperienced and unprofessional. 

The last thing you want to do is take a chance with someone who might not really know what they’re doing, potentially playing the wrong song at the wrong time or interrupting key moments in the ceremony with technical difficulties. 

A poor CT wedding DJ may not know how to read the crowd, have poor emcee skills, or even play a music selection that neither you nor your guests enjoy—effectively killing the mood that you’ve worked so hard to set.

Simply put, a wedding DJ in Connecticut with a proven track record is worth spending a little extra. Going this route lets you breathe a little easier because you know your event is in capable hands. Your wedding is an important milestone in your relationship; you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your special day. 

Keep in mind that you won’t be using your hard-earned money to just “buy music for a wedding.” A great DJ is a professional—they bring more than just a collection of songs. They’ll treat your event with utmost respect and care by dressing for the role and showing up on time to ensure that all equipment is tested and functioning optimally. They also know how to work alongside your other vendors (especially those in charge of your lighting) and manage a wedding timeline.

And, of course, they have the talent to turn up the energy on the dance floor when needed and tone things down a notch for the more sentimental parts of the event. All of this requires skill and experience, which a true professional has in abundance.

You should also make sure that both you, as a couple, and your wedding DJ are in sync when it comes to the song selection. A professional will listen to your preferences and keep them in mind to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your special day. And if you have any special requests, like special songs you want to be played, a wedding DJ will know how to accommodate them with ease and may even have suggestions that could make certain moments even better than you imagined.

A professional DJ will also know how to work with your coordinator to ensure that the music cues are set in advance and followed to a T, even during the rehearsals. That will be one less thing for you to worry about, so you can focus on enjoying all the magical moments that your wedding has in store for you! 

So how much should you really spend on a CT wedding DJ? It really depends on the quality you want for your celebration! 

To pull off a memorable, well-executed ceremony and reception, expect to spend upwards of $1,500 with the comfort of knowing that you’re hiring a professional who will ensure you and your guests will have the experience of a lifetime. Make sure to consider someone who is not only reputable but also fits your style as a couple, so you and your partner can have the perfect wedding day you always envisioned.

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