You’ve booked a venue and selected your photographer! You have just started thinking about your entertainment for your wedding reception. You think to yourself, “You know what, I have all of the songs that I want to hear played at my wedding right on Spotify, Pandora, my IPod, IPhone or IPad. I can just rent some speakers and plug my device into them. People will enjoy the music and I will save so much money!”

Here are just a few reasons why this is a TERRIBLE idea: 

There will be no one to walk you through the planning of your event! This will cause unnecessary stress for you. You need to be able to sit back and rest assured that there is an expert taking care of these details for you before and during your wedding day. This individual has to have experience and be an expert rather than a friend or member of your wedding party.  Okay, maybe you think you have it covered by hiring a wedding planner? Think again! Your wedding planner will not be trained as a Master of Ceremonies to perform or cover the entertainment aspects of your special day.

A programmed device cannot “read a crowd,” and ensure all your guests are having a great time on the dance floor. This is a surefire way to ensure that they will be sitting down the entire evening as spectators rather than participants. It will leave them saying “well dinner was great, now what?” A professional Master of Ceremonies understands that every crowd is different! This is why we love to DJ wedding celebrations! It’s always a new experience.

A Master of Ceremonies will create special moments and ensure smooth transitions from one special moment to the next with EMOTION! You won’t be waiting long and anticipating dancing, special dances or feel as though the reception is dragging. Think of laughter, tears of happiness and all the other emotions your wedding day should include. Do you want your guests to say “wow, I was really moved by the way the DJ told the bride and groom’s love story. He really captured the evolution of their relationship from the day they met right up to this moment. That was amazing hearing Jessica narrate a message to her father over the processional music as he walked her down the aisle. Did you see his face? I thought DJs just played music?”  

With an IPad or any other device, there will be awkward song fade outs during dancing with 4-5 seconds of silence in between songs or fade-ins or fade-outs. Talk about a dance floor killer! Your friends and family might enjoy dancing to one song, but will be apt to take a seat if there is silence between songs. It is very challenging to get people up and dancing again one the mood is killed. Additionally concerning, the volume level from song to song will vary. You don’t want to blow your friends and family’s eardrums because the current song being played is much louder or a different quality than the previous one. Wanna run a race back and forth to the dance floor to adjust the levels during every song? It’s a race you will come in last place with and without water. A  talented Master of Ceremonies will carefully beat mix the perfect concoction of music to “keep the party going.” Equally as important, he or she will be able to control the levels of each song perfectly, engage guests and organically build energy! 

Spotify, Pandora, an IPad, IPhone or IPod cannot assure you a successful and perfect wedding celebration or give you peace of mind. You have a vivid dream wedding reception vision and there are no do-overs! Sure the photos will last a lifetime, your family and friends will love the decorations and enjoy their meal. Will they walk out of the reception saying “yeah, that was okay. I got to dance to that one song I really liked.” Would they notice that there was something missing? With the absence of a skilled Master of Ceremonies, I bet my chocolate lab they would, and I love my chocolate lab! 

There is no doubt that your entertainment will either “make or break” your wedding reception. Hire an expert that is the right fit for you who can see you through the planning of your entertainment for your wedding. Photographs will last a lifetime and so should the memories of your entertainment!

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