Selecting Wedding Songs

So your one true love popped the question, or maybe you did—congratulations! Getting engaged is one of the most exhilarating and memorable times in your life, and you deserve to savor every second of it! Committing to spending a lifetime loving and taking care of each other is a huge step in the relationship, and it’s made infinitely better by the tangible proof of it sitting on your finger.

The length of engagement is different for everyone. While some couples choose to say their “I do’s” just a few weeks after the wedding proposal, others spend months, or even years, planning every detail of their big day. Many of them have been dreaming of tying the knot for a very long time, and they want to take their sweet time ensuring that their vision comes to life perfectly. On such a momentous occasion, you want to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

While it is you and your partner’s special day, you also want your guests to have a wonderful time! To create a truly unforgettable experience for everyone, spend some time thinking about the entertainment at your wedding. The goal is to entice your loved ones to take part in the celebration and enjoy the festivities alongside you! 

One way to make sure your guests have fun is by curating your music. Engaged couples in Connecticut need to carefully choose their wedding DJ because music plays an integral part in setting the mood of the event and can get people grooving on the dance floor. If you need guidance and support on how to pick the perfect songs for your wedding, read on!

1. Get clear on your music preferences.

As you and your partner celebrate your love, it is important to play music that’s meaningful to both of you. There is likely a song, artist, or genre of music that you both enjoy and identify with. Perhaps some tunes remind you of your significant other or your relationship, or maybe the songs that you belt out together during karaoke nights? Ask yourself what music you both enjoy dancing to. Make the party truly yours by giving it this personal touch.    

2. Be mindful of guests’ music tastes.

While guests don’t dictate the music choices, taking their preferences into consideration never hurts. A great wedding gets everyone engaged and on the dance floor. If the selection is too “indie” or unrecognizable, people might find it hard to relate or go with the flow of the music and easily get bored. Choose high-energy, dancey tunes that all your guests can appreciate!

3. Consider every part of the wedding.

Far too often, engaged couples in CT spend an incredible amount of time and energy thinking about what to play at the reception to get people dancing, but what about the music that will accompany the other parts of the celebration, like the ceremony? Most couples choose to have string instruments playing in the background to keep the solemnity and intimacy of the event. During cocktail hour when guests are mingling as the wedding party takes pictures, you might want to play jazz music for a warm and friendly vibe.

4. Choose songs for key moments.

Related to #3, there will be certain moments in your wedding that call for a specific and unique song. Think about what tunes will be perfect for the ceremony processional of the wedding party and groom, the bride’s processional, the ceremony recessional when people leave, the grand entrance to the reception, the first dance, family dances, the cake cutting, and so on. You will associate these songs with your memories of the wedding for years to come, so don’t choose just any!

5. Create a do not playlist.

While you and your partner will have the songs you want to play on your wedding day, there are also tunes that neither of you might want to hear. Maybe you find them too cheesy, or you hate the lyrics, or the rhythm simply doesn’t suit your taste. These songs should be coordinated with your CT wedding DJ so they can avoid playing them, even if a guest requests them.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Wedding DJs are great resources for advice when planning a wedding playlist and making sure the vibe is just right. When interviewing wedding DJs in Connecticut, make sure to ask about their process and how they’ll support your music selection. Once you’ve booked one, don’t be shy to ask questions or seek out suggestions from them—after all, they are the wedding music experts! Make the most out of their wealth of knowledge and experience.

We hope these tips serve you well as you plan your once-in-a-lifetime event. Remember to keep your guests in mind and ensure they have the time of their lives at your Connecticut wedding! Need help creating your playlist? We’ve got you covered!