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Nothing beats that “I just got engaged!” feeling. There’s something incredibly special about that exciting and heart-warming moment when you realize that you’ll never have to go through life alone because your love wants to walk by your side forever. After the excitement of the engagement, couples often dream of celebrating their big day for a very long time. When they finally decide on a date to tie the knot, they go to great lengths to ensure that everything is perfect for this momentous occasion! It can be hard not to get caught up in the details; after all, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime event that will forever be cherished. One of the integral aspects of your special day is the entertainment. Engaged couples have to choose a wedding DJ in Connecticut carefully because they set the mood, get people grooving on the dance floor, and help manage the flow of the event.

If you need valuable tips for selecting the perfect DJ for your Connecticut wedding, this blog is for you! Here are 6 things that you should consider when hiring one.  


With so many other things on your to-do list, you’ll want to avoid the additional stress of waiting forever for suppliers to reply to your messages. When choosing your wedding DJ in Connecticut, consider how quickly they respond to your emails and whether they answer your questions adequately. You need to book someone who will make the wedding planning process easier for you. Their communication habits during the inquiry stage are a good indicator of how your working relationship will go.


Your wedding will undoubtedly be the most important personal event you’ll ever throw in your life. When you meet with potential CT wedding DJs, see if they present themselves professionally. Are they dressed to impress? Do they look like they will treat your event with the utmost care? The last thing you want is to place your wedding experience in the hands of someone who won’t treat it as seriously as it deserves.


Here’s the reality: Things don’t always go as planned. But with enough preparation, you’ll be able to reduce the chance of any glitches ruining your big day. Ask your potential wedding DJ in Connecticut about their power needs, availability of backup generators in case of a power outage, plans for inclement weather, and the like. Remember that a great wedding professional is genuinely concerned about the success of your event and always has a plan B to get everything back on track!

Pricing + Packages

Naturally, your wedding budget is an important consideration when choosing a wedding DJ in Connecticut. You wouldn’t want to go into debt for your wedding expenses, so for it to be a perfect fit, their rates must align with what you’re willing to spend. Make sure to ask about their prices early in the inquiry process to avoid wasting anyone’s time. You’ll also want to check if there are any packages that can get you more bang for your buck.

Additional Services

Some DJ companies offer other services—such as lighting design and photo booth services—that can save you the trouble of having to book them elsewhere. This means one contract, one point of contact, and one invoice—much more convenient for busy couples! Make sure to ask about additional services before selecting your package.

Experience with Weddings

Weddings differ from corporate and other social events as they have a different vibe and follow a unique timeline. Wedding DJs have to keep in mind the sweet solemnity of the event while choosing high-energy tunes that get guests moving — not to mention timing toasts, announcements, family dances, and the couple’s first dance! If you want everything to go smoothly, make sure your CT wedding DJ has experience playing for weddings. It will no doubt come in handy when timing the flow of events and adjusting them accordingly in case there are any hold-ups.

Ability to Emcee

Of course, you want your guests to have a fantastic time at your wedding! A great DJ does more than just play music; they are also an engaging, interactive master of ceremonies.  The DJ you’ll want for your wedding is enthusiastic and lively: one who brings energy to the celebration and can draw guests out to the dance floor.

DJs are an essential piece of the wedding day and engaged couples in CT should find one that can take their event to the next level. Picking an excellent DJ ensures that your guests will have a fun time, and they will remember dancing the night away for many years to come.

10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Wedding DJ in Connecticut

Knowing what to look for in a Connecticut wedding DJ is only one part of the puzzle. You also need to interview your top selections and make sure that they fit the bill! While there are many options available on the market, not all of them are qualified or experienced enough to give you the wedding of a lifetime.

When you’ve narrowed down a shortlist of wedding DJs in Connecticut, prepare to interview each to identify the best choice for your CT wedding.

Here are ten questions to ask when picking your perfect CT wedding DJ!

1. How much experience does your team have DJing weddings?

An experienced DJ is an essential element of a great wedding, but the key is to ask about how many weddings a DJ has worked. If you know who is assigned to your event, inquire about their experience as a wedding DJ in Connecticut, and don’t be afraid to request testimonials or references. A DJ may be great at corporate or social events, but the flow of a wedding is unique. Make sure your DJ understands his or her role in keeping the energy up, emceeing reception activities, and building momentum on the dance floor.

2. What is your policy for guest requests?

Guest requests can mix up the vibe at a Connecticut wedding, so they have to be handled carefully! A great CT DJ will accept guest requests within reason. They will have the expertise to know which songs will turn down the energy (and pass on them), while also skipping any songs that show up on a couple’s “do not play” list.

3. How can we get a taste of your performance style?

While DJs that primarily serve weddings and social events typically cannot invite you to sit in on an upcoming event, most will have a portfolio to demonstrate their style and expertise to prospective clients. It may be a YouTube channel, a highlight reel, or a video on their website, be sure to inquire about a DJ’s style and how you can get a glimpse to ensure it’s a fit for your wedding.

4. Have you worked at my venue before?

Booking a DJ that has worked at your Connecticut wedding venue is not a necessity, but it will make the planning process much easier. If they’re familiar with your venue, they’ll know the onsite staff, how and when they can load in, where to set up in proximity to power needs, and other details that are essential for success.

Note: If your dream wedding DJ has not worked at your venue before, see if you can set up a walkthrough with them onsite to ensure they’re familiar with the property before event day.

5. Do you have other events during my wedding weekend?

The answer to this question is a good indicator of how busy the DJ team will be during your event time and how much support you’ll get throughout the week leading up to it. Be mindful of the size of the team — a solo act may be stretched thin by a three-event weekend, whereas a team of 4-5 wedding DJs can easily handle that bandwidth.

6. How much time is included in your contract? Can it be extended?

Note how much time is included in your venue contract and make sure that your CT DJ’s allotted time can fill in the timeline. You don’t want to end the night with an extra hour onsite without any music to keep guests engaged! If a DJ’s base package is shorter than your venue’s, see if the time can be extended to send your guests home in style.

7. What else do you offer in your DJ packages?

Many entertainment companies offer more than just DJ services, so check to see if you can bundle additional services into your package. Features like photo booths, decorative lighting, or rental equipment may be available through your DJ, which ultimately saves you the time, money, and effort of booking multiple vendors.

8. Will you provide all of your equipment?

The answer here should be YES! A great Connecticut DJ will have everything they need to bring life to your wedding without a hitch. That includes all audiovisual equipment, microphones, speakers, backup generators, and staging (if necessary). If there are elements not provided by your DJ, you will need to work with a rental company to procure all additional equipment.

9. Can you tell us about your contingency plans?

Of course, you want your wedding to run smoothly and seamlessly, but let’s be honest: Things happen. Power outages, inclement weather, missing vendors, and so on — none are ideal, but these types of situations can be overcome with the right team on board. 

When interviewing Connecticut wedding DJs (and other CT wedding vendors, for that matter!), inquire about their contingency plans. How will they handle a power outage? What is their plan B in case of rain, particularly for an outdoor wedding? Who is responsible for ensuring everyone is onsite and on-task? Get these answers before signing a contract, so you can make your final booking decision with confidence.

10. What is your cancellation/postponement policy?

This is another question you should be asking all wedding vendors during the booking process. As we’ve seen in recent years, cancellations and postponements have been more prevalent than ever before. While the pandemic is winding down and the industry has implemented strict safety measures to keep guests safe, couples should still be aware of cancellation and postponement policies to cover their bases. Be mindful of postponement time frames, nonrefundable deposits, force majeure clauses, and other details that may impact your planning process.

Equipped with these questions, you’ll be able to differentiate the value between DJ and entertainment companies in Connecticut to ensure you pick the best one. It’s your wedding day — you deserve only the best quality!

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