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Nothing beats that “I just got engaged!” feeling. There’s something incredibly special about that exciting and heart-warming moment when you realize that you’ll never have to go through life alone because your love wants to walk by your side forever.

After the excitement of the engagement, couples often dream of celebrating their big day for a very long time. When they finally decide on a date to tie the knot, they go to great lengths to ensure that everything is perfect for this momentous occasion! It can be hard not to get caught up in the details; after all, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime event that will forever be cherished.

One of the integral aspects of your special day is the entertainment. Engaged couples in Connecticut have to choose their wedding DJ carefully because they set the mood, get people grooving on the dance floor, and help manage the flow of the event.

If you need valuable tips for selecting the perfect CT wedding DJ, this blog is for you! Here are 6 things that you should consider when hiring one.  


With so many other things on your to-do list, you’ll want to avoid the additional stress of waiting forever for suppliers to reply to your messages. When choosing your wedding DJ in Connecticut, consider how quickly they respond to your emails. You need to book someone who will make the wedding planning process easier for you. Their communication habits during the inquiry stage are a good indicator of how your working relationship will go.


Your wedding will likely be the most important personal event you’ll ever throw in your life. When you meet with potential CT wedding DJs, see if they present themselves professionally. Are they dressed to impress? Do they look like they will treat your event with the utmost care? The last thing you want is to place your wedding experience in the hands of someone who won’t treat it as seriously as it deserves.


Here’s the reality: Things don’t always go as planned. But with enough preparation, you’ll be able to reduce the chance of any glitches ruining your big day. Ask your potential wedding DJ in Connecticut about their power needs, availability of backup generators in case of a power outage, plans for inclement weather, and the like. Remember that a great wedding professional is genuinely concerned about the success of your event and always has a plan B to get everything back on track!

Pricing + Packages

Naturally, your wedding budget is an important consideration when choosing a wedding DJ in Connecticut. You wouldn’t want to go into debt for your wedding expenses, so for it to be a perfect fit, their rates should align with what you’re willing to spend. Make sure to ask about their prices early in the inquiry process to avoid wasting anyone’s time. You’ll also want to check if there are any packages that can get you more bang for your buck.

Additional Services

Some DJ companies offer other services—such as lighting design and photo booth services—that can save you the trouble of having to book them elsewhere. This means one contract, one point of contact, and one invoice—much more convenient for busy couples!

Experience with Weddings

Weddings differ from corporate and other social events as they have a different vibe and follow a unique timeline. Wedding DJs have to keep in mind the sweet solemnity of the event while choosing high-energy tunes that get guests moving — not to mention timing toasts, announcements, family dances, and the couple’s first dance! If you want everything to go smoothly, make sure your CT wedding DJ has experience playing for weddings. It will no doubt come in handy when timing the flow of events and adjusting them accordingly, in case there are any hold-ups.

Ability to Emcee

Of course, you want your guests to have a fantastic time at your wedding! A great DJ does more than just play music; they are also an engaging, interactive master of ceremonies.  The DJ you’ll want for your wedding is enthusiastic and lively: one who brings energy to the celebration and can draw guests out to the dance floor.

DJs are an essential piece of the wedding day and engaged couples in CT should find one that can take their event to the next level. Picking an excellent DJ ensures that your guests will have a fun time, and they will remember dancing the night away for many years to come.

10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a CT DJ

Knowing what to look for in a Connecticut wedding DJ is only one part of the puzzle. You also need to interview your top selections and make sure that they fit the bill! While there are many options available on the market, not all of them are qualified or experienced enough to give you the wedding of a lifetime.

When you’ve narrowed down a shortlist of wedding DJs in Connecticut, prepare to interview each to identify the best choice for your CT wedding.

Here are ten questions to ask when picking your perfect CT wedding DJ!

1. How much experience does your team have DJing weddings?

An experienced DJ is an essential element of a great wedding, but the key is to ask about how many weddings a DJ has worked. If you know who is assigned to your event, inquire about their experience as a wedding DJ in Connecticut, and don’t be afraid to request testimonials or references. A DJ may be great at corporate or social events, but the flow of a wedding is unique. Make sure your DJ understands his or her role in keeping the energy up, emceeing reception activities, and building momentum on the dance floor.

2. What is your policy for guest requests?

Guest requests can mix up the vibe at a Connecticut wedding, so they have to be handled carefully! A great CT DJ will accept guest requests within reason. They will have the expertise to know which songs will turn down the energy (and pass on them), while also skipping any songs that show up on a couple’s “do not play” list.

3. How can we get a taste of your performance style?

While DJs that primarily serve weddings and social events typically cannot invite you to sit in on an upcoming event, most will have a portfolio to demonstrate their style and expertise to prospective clients. It may be a YouTube channel, a highlight reel, or a video on their website, be sure to inquire about a DJ’s style and how you can get a glimpse to ensure it’s a fit for your wedding.

4. Have you worked at my venue before?

Booking a DJ that has worked at your Connecticut wedding venue is not a necessity, but it will make the planning process much easier. If they’re familiar with your venue, they’ll know the onsite staff, how and when they can load in, where to set up in proximity to power needs, and other details that are essential for success.

Note: If your dream wedding DJ has not worked at your venue before, see if you can set up a walkthrough with them onsite to ensure they’re familiar with the property before event day.

5. Do you have other events during my wedding weekend?

The answer to this question is a good indicator of how busy the DJ team will be during your event time, and how much support you’ll get throughout the week leading up to it. Be mindful of the size of the team — a solo act may be stretched thin by a three-event weekend, whereas a team of 4-5 wedding DJs can easily handle that bandwidth.

6. How much time is included in your contract? Can it be extended?

Note how much time is included in your venue contract and make sure that your CT DJ’s allotted time can fill in the timeline. You don’t want to end the night with an extra hour onsite without any music to keep guests engaged! If a DJ’s base package is shorter than your venue’s, see if the time can be extended to send your guests home in style.

7. What else do you offer in your DJ packages?

Many entertainment companies offer more than just DJ services, so check to see if you can bundle additional services into your package. Features like photo booths, decorative lighting, or rental equipment may be available through your DJ, which ultimately saves you the time, money, and effort of booking multiple vendors.

8. Will you provide all of your equipment?

The answer here should be YES! A great Connecticut DJ will have everything they need to bring life to your wedding without a hitch. That includes all audiovisual equipment, microphones, speakers, backup generators, and staging (if necessary). If there are elements not provided by your DJ, you will need to work with a rental company to procure all additional equipment.

9. Can you tell us about your contingency plans?

Of course, you want your wedding to run smoothly and seamlessly, but let’s be honest: Things happen. Power outages, inclement weather, missing vendors, and so on — none are ideal, but these types of situations can be overcome with the right team on board. 

When interviewing Connecticut wedding DJs (and other CT wedding vendors, for that matter!), inquire about their contingency plans. How will they handle a power outage? What is their plan B in case of rain, particularly for an outdoor wedding? Who is responsible for ensuring everyone is onsite and on-task? Get these answers before signing a contract, so you can make your final booking decision with confidence.

10. What is your cancellation/postponement policy?

This is another question you should be asking all wedding vendors during the booking process. As we’ve seen in recent years, cancellations and postponements have been more prevalent than ever before. While the pandemic is winding down and the industry has implemented strict safety measures to keep guests safe, couples should still be aware of cancellation and postponement policies to cover their bases. Be mindful of postponement time frames, nonrefundable deposits, force majeure clauses, and other details that may impact your planning process.

Equipped with these questions, you’ll be able to differentiate the value between DJ and entertainment companies in Connecticut to ensure you pick the best one. It’s your wedding day — you deserve only the best quality!

For more information on what a Connecticut wedding DJ can do for you, get in touch with us today!

6 Considerations when Choosing Wedding Music

So your one true love popped the question, or maybe you did—congratulations! Getting engaged is one of the most exhilarating and memorable times in your life, and you deserve to savor every second of it! Committing to spending a lifetime loving and taking care of each other is a huge step in the relationship, and it’s made infinitely better by the tangible proof of it sitting on your finger.

The length of engagement is different for everyone. While some couples choose to say their “I do’s” just a few weeks after the wedding proposal, others spend months, or even years, planning every detail of their big day. Many of them have been dreaming of tying the knot for a very long time and they want to take their sweet time ensuring that their vision comes to life perfectly. On such a momentous occasion, you want to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

While it is you and your partner’s special day, you also want your guests to have a wonderful time! To create a truly unforgettable experience for everyone, spend some time thinking about the entertainment at your wedding. The goal is to entice your loved ones to take part in the celebration and enjoy the festivities alongside you! 

One way to make sure your guests have fun is by curating your music. Engaged couples in Connecticut need to carefully choose their wedding DJ because music plays an integral part in setting the mood of the event and can get people grooving on the dance floor. If you need guidance and support on how to pick the perfect songs for your wedding, read on!

1. Get clear on your music preferences.

As you and your partner celebrate your love, it is important to play music that’s meaningful to both of you. There is likely a song, artist, or genre of music that you both enjoy and identify with. Perhaps some tunes remind you of your significant other or your relationship, or maybe the songs that you belt out together during karaoke nights? Ask yourself what music you both enjoy dancing to. Make the party truly yours by giving it this personal touch.    

2. Be mindful of guests’ music tastes.

While guests don’t dictate the music choices, taking their preferences into consideration never hurts. A great wedding gets everyone engaged and on the dance floor. If the selection is too “indie” or unrecognizable, people might find it hard to relate or go with the flow of the music, and easily get bored. Choose high-energy, dancey tunes that all your guests can appreciate!

3. Consider every part of the wedding.

Far too often, engaged couples in CT spend an incredible amount of time and energy thinking about what to play at the reception to get people dancing, but what about the music that will accompany the other parts of the celebration like the ceremony? Most couples choose to have string instruments playing in the background to keep the solemnity and intimacy of the event. During cocktail hour when guests are mingling as the wedding party takes pictures, you might want to play jazz music for the warm and friendly vibe.

4. Choose songs for key moments.

Related to #3, there will be certain moments in your wedding that call for a specific and unique song. Think about what tunes will be perfect for the ceremony processional of the wedding party and groom, the bride’s processional, the ceremony recessional when people leave, the grand entrance to the reception, the first dance, family dances, the cake cutting, and so on. You will associate these songs with your memories of the wedding for years to come, so don’t choose just any!

5. Create a do not playlist.

While you and your partner will have the songs you want to play on your wedding day, there are also tunes that neither of you might want to hear. Maybe you find them too cheesy, or you hate the lyrics, or the rhythm simply doesn’t suit your taste. These songs should be coordinated with your CT wedding DJ so they can avoid playing them, even if a guest requests them.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Wedding DJs are great resources for advice when planning a wedding playlist and making sure the vibe is just right. When interviewing wedding DJs in Connecticut, make sure to ask about their process and how they’ll support your music selection. Once you’ve booked one, don’t be shy to ask questions or seek out suggestions from them—after all, they are the wedding music experts! Make the most out of their wealth of knowledge and experience.

We hope these tips serve you well as you plan your once-in-a-lifetime event. Remember to keep your guests in mind and ensure they have the time of their lives at your Connecticut wedding! Need help creating your playlist? We’ve got you covered!

A Timeline for Booking Entertainment Vendors in CT

Once you’ve had a chance to savor this joyous occasion with your one true love and share the news with those you care about the most in the world, it’s time to kick off the wedding planning process!

The first order of business is to get inspiration from wedding magazines, blogs, Pinterest, and the like so you and your partner can get a clear picture of what you want and don’t want on your big day. Once you have shaped your wedding vision, it’s time to lock in your wedding date. It is recommended to tie the knot at least a year later, so you have ample time to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

But wait—you’re so excited to get married and start a new chapter with your partner. Surely the wedding can be scheduled a little sooner than that?

Truth be told, there’s a mile-long list of things to take care of — from food and drinks to photography to flowers and rentals. While you might feel impatient now, your future self will thank you for giving yourself breathing room to get everything done. And to further avoid overwhelm, it helps to have a list of priorities to ensure your resources, effort, and time are directed towards the things you and your partner care about most.

If there’s one element engaged couples in CT should never overlook, it’s the entertainment! It’s one of the most integral aspects of your wedding because it has a direct impact on the guest experience. With the right CT wedding DJ, lighting, and photo booth, your loved ones will be able to enjoy the festivities just as you’ve planned.

The key to having great entertainment at your event relies heavily on timing. From booking to execution, here is a general timeline for planning your wedding entertainment so you can avoid unnecessary stress down the line.

12+ months before the wedding

As we all know, there’s no wedding without a venue! Before you can start planning your wedding’s design and entertainment, it is crucial to finalize where you intend to hold the celebrations. Understand the specific needs and limitations of your space so it will be easier to make decisions and book the right vendors later on. Remember that your venue sets the tone for how your event will look and feel!

9 to 12 months before the wedding

Book your DJ and coordinate rentals such as lighting equipment, photo booths, and other fixtures no later than 9 months before the day you walk down the aisle. If you plan on hosting your wedding in a busy metro area, it’s wise to take care of this as early as possible so you have a better shot at securing the highly-rated and sought-after vendors on your list — especially your DJ, who will influence the whole vibe of your wedding reception.

8 to 12 months before the wedding

Purchasing wedding insurance is highly recommended. While the vendors you book for this momentous occasion should already have insurance, it is a smart move for engaged couples in Connecticut to acquire event insurance of their own. This helps to protect against financial loss due to cancellation, no-show vendors, or onsite accidents.

6 months before the wedding

It’s time to begin planning lighting design with a lighting technician! This is your opportunity to discuss the types of lighting you want. Lighting is crucial for enhancing the aesthetics of your venue while also providing functionality for the event and ensuring great photography. By now, you should have already booked your wedding DJ. Since some wedding DJs in Connecticut also offer lighting services, connect with them first to see what’s available. Wedding packages like this are worth considering, as you’ll deal with fewer vendors and may even score better pricing by bundling services.

4 months before the wedding

There’s nothing worse than making it to your wedding reception, only to lose the magic because a tacky song comes on. There are specific songs that are perfect for key moments! Work with your partner to select your ideal tunes for the ceremony processional and recessional, grand entrance to the reception, first dance, family dances, cake cutting, and so on. After narrowing down your choices, consult with your Connecticut wedding DJ to share your curated playlist — as well as the songs you do not want to hear on your big day.

1 month before the wedding

Meet with your DJ to finalize all music selections and lighting design enhancements. Discuss any last changes during this time.

1 week before the wedding

You have reached the final stretch! The last thing to do is to provide your DJ with the event flow and timeline. You should also provide a pronunciation guide for VIPs you want to be recognized at the program. If you have a planner, they may coordinate with the DJ directly to ensure they have everything need to emcee.

While your actual timeline may vary depending on your location, this is a good framework to follow and allow some flexibility in your planning schedule. If you want a more accurate booking and planning timeline, we’d love to help you map out your game plan! Get in touch with us to kick off the journey to your I do’s!

How much should I spend on a CT wedding DJ?

Gathering wedding inspiration is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day. You likely already have an inkling of what you want your wedding to look like, based on events you’ve attended or time spent looking through inspiration boards and photos online. Ideas for everything from the food and wedding cake to the outfits, color schemes, and decorations have undoubtedly begun to sprout in your mind.

Of course, this is all tied together by the ambiance of the occasion. While this relies on a combination of many factors, having the right music played at the right time can do a lot to help establish the perfect mood. A romantic score during the vows or ring exchange can tug on your guests’ heartstrings and sweep them up in the moment. At the same time, your guests will likely never forget your wedding if they have a fantastic time dancing the night away!

If you are creating a spending plan for your celebration, you might be wondering: What is a reasonable amount to allocate for entertainment? 

Well, the average rate of a wedding DJ in Connecticut ranges from $1,500 to $2,000.

While engaged couples in CT should certainly be conscientious about their expenses, choosing a DJ based solely on their pricing can end up being a decision you regret!

You probably know the saying, “you get what you pay for,” and this is especially true when booking your Connecticut wedding DJ! Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of hiring someone who charges $1,000 or less, thinking that they’ve found a good deal — only to find out that the person they booked is inexperienced and unprofessional. 

The last thing you want to do is take a chance with someone who might not really know what they’re doing, potentially playing the wrong song at the wrong time or interrupting key moments in the ceremony with technical difficulties. 

A poor CT wedding DJ may not know how to read the crowd, have poor emcee skills, or even play a music selection that neither you nor your guests enjoy—effectively killing the mood that you’ve worked so hard to set.

Simply put, a wedding DJ in Connecticut with a proven track record is worth spending a little extra. Going this route lets you breathe a little easier because you know your event is in capable hands. Your wedding is an important milestone in your relationship; you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your special day. 

Keep in mind that you won’t be using your hard-earned money to just “buy music for a wedding.” A great DJ is a professional—they bring more than just a collection of songs. They’ll treat your event with utmost respect and care by dressing for the role and showing up on time to ensure that all equipment is tested and functioning optimally. They also know how to work alongside your other vendors (especially those in charge of your lighting) and manage a wedding timeline.

And, of course, they have the talent to turn up the energy on the dance floor when needed and tone things down a notch for the more sentimental parts of the event. All of this requires skill and experience, which a true professional has in abundance.

You should also make sure that both you, as a couple, and your DJ are in sync when it comes to the song selection. A professional will listen to your preferences and keep them in mind to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your special day. And if you have any special requests, like special songs you want to be played, a wedding DJ will know how to accommodate them with ease and may even have suggestions that could make certain moments even better than you imagined.

A professional DJ will also know how to work with your coordinator to ensure that the music cues are set in advance and followed to a T, even during the rehearsals. That will be one less thing for you to worry about, so you can focus on enjoying all the magical moments that your wedding has in store for you! 

So how much should you really spend on a CT wedding DJ? It really depends on the quality you want for your celebration! 

To pull off a memorable, well-executed ceremony and reception, expect to spend upwards of $1,500 with the comfort of knowing that you’re hiring a professional who will ensure you and your guests will have the experience of a lifetime. Make sure to consider someone who is not only reputable but also fits your style as a couple, so you and your partner can have the perfect wedding day you always envisioned.

3 Reasons to Book a DJ vs. Live Musicians

No wedding is complete without music that draws guests to the dance floor. But, as you start planning your Connecticut wedding, you might be wondering whether to book a DJ or live musicians. While both can bring the party vibe, DJs tend to be more flexible and versatile — plus, they’re a cost-effective choice for CT weddings.

Trying to make your decision? Here are three reasons to book a DJ for your wedding in Connecticut!

Wedding DJs are consistent.

While live music at a restaurant on date night is a nice surprise, you may not want covers at your wedding. If you have certain must-play songs, hiring live musicians leaves it up to their interpretation. And on such a monumental occasion, the last thing you want is for a disappointing rendition to spoil your grand entrance or first dance.

On the other hand, a wedding DJ will play your favorite songs just the way you know and love them. That way, the tune you heard when you first met will bring back those exact feelings as if you were reliving the moment. If you don’t mind spicing things up a bit, your DJ can also remix songs to keep things interesting — the choice is yours!

Wedding DJs require less downtime.

All of your vendors will need to take breaks throughout the wedding. That includes your DJ or live musicians, regardless of which way you choose. The difference, however, is that a band or musician cannot continue playing music while they’re on a break. More often than not, the venue can stream a standard playlist to fill the gaps, but such a shift tends to change the energy in the room.

DJs are experts in music flow, so they can queue up the right order of songs so they can step away without guests even noticing their absence. The dance floor remains full and the party lives on until they’ve returned to their station to pick up where they left off! 

Wedding DJs are cost-effective.

Budget is one of the biggest concerns for engaged couples in Connecticut, and booking a DJ is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice. With a DJ, you are only paying for one person’s time and talent rather than a whole group of people. Don’t forget to factor in meal costs from your caterer as well!

Plus, with live musicians, you aren’t just paying for their time – in many cases, you also have to set up a stage to accommodate their instruments and AV equipment. DJs, however, tend to pack light and need minimal space to perform. 

Ready to book your CT wedding DJ? We’ve got you covered! Give us a shout and let’s get to planning.

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