When was the last time you attended a wedding and there was a DJ? What do you remember about it? Did people dance? Was there laughter? Tears of joy? Did you walk out at the end of the evening saying “Wow, that was so them?”

Often times friends and family associate wedding DJs as a person who is hired by a couple to “just play music.” Unfortunately, that is experience that many have who attend wedding celebrations. The good news is, there are talented DJs and Masters of Ceremonies who can help create an unforgettable celebration for you and your family and friends.

1.) Let your entertainer get to know you personally. The more your MC knows about you before your wedding day, the more personalized it can be! The creative process is easier and you will feel more at ease throughout the planning of your wedding.

2.) Tell your MC all about your family. Sharing the details about your relationship with your siblings, parents, or other important people in your lives will help your MC create memories for you during your reception. For example, knowing that you were very close to dad growing up will allow your MC to set up the father/daughter dance. “Michael, this is the moment you have been waiting for. Come on out and join your daughter on the dance floor. Do you remember going camping and fishing on the lake with Jennifer? Do you remember teaching her how to bait the hook and smiling when she caught her first fish? Doesn’t it seem like yesterday?”

3.) There is nothing wrong with creating a website about your relationship and how you met. Instead of, or in addition to that, your MC can really bring this to life in HOW he presents your “love story” to your friends and family at your wedding reception. He can add humor where necessary, trigger emotions, make it fun and more compelling. Your MC can ask creative questions that you wouldn’t have thought of, since they are trained and have experience writing love stories for couples.

4.) Don’t be afraid to be creative and share an idea with your MC about what you would like to create at your celebration. Just because no one else did it at a wedding you have been to, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen at yours!  It’s all about HOW it’s done and setup by your entertainment.

5.) Hire an MC who doesn’t make “announcements”, but instead has something valuable and important to say every time he opens his mouth. Ever aspect of your wedding can be personalized and there is no reason why you or family and friends need to settle for less on one of the most important days of your lives. To learn more about this, contact me at Collins Entertainment.